WAS most amused to read Clr Tickridge’s letter, Guardian, July 4, complaining I have the cheek to respond to her previous statements.

In relation to her comments about trades unions, where for the third letter in a row she fails to acknowledge she is a member, I do not dislike trades unions or their members. Indeed I agree wholeheartedly with the joint press release from the Conservative council leader and Labour opposition leader in May welcoming the positive efforts made by trades unions and management at Vauxhall in Ellesmere Port, which has seen a huge investment and more jobs planned for the borough.

The overwhelming majority of CWAC staff adopted a similar constructive approach in relation to the recent changes to pay and conditions. What I disagree with is strike action taken by a minority of trade union members to inconvenience rates payers, and the downright irresponsible action of potentially leaving vulnerable people with mental health issues unaided for a three-day bank holiday had the council not been able to sort alternative arrangements.

I can assure Clr Tickridge on this issue I am indeed a dog with a bone. However strongly her democratically elected trade union leaders felt, there was no excuse to leave the most vulnerable in our society at risk.

My earlier letters were printed several weeks after I originally sent them in to this popular letters page.


Conservative, Weaver and Cuddington