I AM a 75-year-old English man born in Cheshire and proud of it. I am fed up of hearing about Brexit and how Brexit is to blame for everything nowadays.


Considering the referendum was eight months ago, we should be out of Europe by now and no arguments about it.

In the 70s when we were voting to go into the Common Market as it was called then, I was a longdistance lorry driver, and travelled all over this country and met a lot of peoples.

In the run-up to the referendum in the 70s very few of the people I met agreed we should go in to the Common Market, so you can imagine my surprise when it was announced we had voted in.

Any English person - and this includes all the politicians - who say we should stay in Europe and that England would not survive without Europe, is a disgrace, and should be ashamed.

That is an insult to all those names on the cenotaphs all over the country who fought and died to keep England and its people free.

Our ancestors have been fighting for hundreds of years to keep us free and we should be proud of them. The English will survive without anybody’s help.

MJB Northwich