A WOMAN has spoken of her disgust after witnessing shoplifters stealing items from a Middlewich charity store.

Emma Gardner was in the Cancer Research UK store in Wheelock Street on Monday when she saw three women with a young child ‘kicking up a fuss’.

After trying to alert staff to the incident, the thieves ran away with around £20 worth of items.

Emma, a personal assistant from Goostrey, said: “The women came in and moved around the shop trying to interact with everyone, including me.

“I thought it was odd behaviour. It then all became clear and I tried to get the attention of the staff without the women realising.

“I asked the lady behind the counter for a piece of paper and wrote down ‘they are shoplifting’.

“Unfortunately the shop was rather busy and I don’t think she knew who I was on about exactly but she went to get the manager and by this point the women realised and quickly ran away.

“I saw that one had successfully put a coat under hers in the changing room but I wasn’t able to follow them due to who I was with.

“The staff and I were utterly disgusted and angry. It’s just sad that people behave like that.”

Alison Barbuti, Cancer Research UK’s North West spokesman, said: “We make every effort to protect our stock and report any incidents of theft to crime prevention authorities.

“It’s extremely disappointing if these events occur, as well as upsetting for our dedicated shop teams and volunteers who work so hard to raise a huge amount of money for our life-saving research.

“The stock generously donated by our supporters is of enormous value to us because Cancer Research UK receives no government funding and relies entirely on donations to support our pioneering work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

“Donations to our shops are particularly welcomed at this time of year as we approach Christmas.”