A MIDDLEWICH man who lost both his legs in a road accident has fulfilled a challenge to stand as best man at his friend’s wedding.

James Harrold, 24, stood next to best friend and groom Nathan Griffiths at Saint Peter’s Church in Elworth on Saturday, September 2 using a prosthetic right leg and two crutches.

The former Middlewich High School pupil had both legs amputated in 2012 after a crash in Booth Lane and had undertaken physiotherapy to learn to stand with the aid of his prosthesis.

James sat down to do the best man’s speech.

He said: “It was a really emotional day. I felt like I was going to cry at one point but somehow managed to hold back the tears.

“All the way through the day I was stood up. I tried to think of some way to do the speech stood up as well but it proved too much of a struggle while on crutches.

“I’m just happy I could be there for Nathan as he married his wonderful bride. We all wanted to do it all over again.”

Speaking about his progress since the accident, James said: “It has been a long recovery to get here. The first 12 months I did not know what to do with myself to be honest.

“I thought that life was at an end and if it wasn’t for my friends and family giving me support all the time and saying exactly the right things then I don’t know where I would be.

“After that, I got to grips with everything and now I’ve got a really positive outlook on life.”

Since the accident James has had to battle phantom limb pain, which eventually meant he had to leave his job as a customer service advisor with The Hut Group.

He is currently unemployed but is hoping to start his own business in the near future.

James added: “Ever since I left my old job I have struggled to get back into work.

“I’m in a lot more control of my pain now than I used to be and I feel in a much better position to move forward.

“I’m full of ideas about creating my own business. All I’ve got to figure out is which one best suits Middlewich so I can have the best chance of success with it.”