RESIDENTS overwhelmingly disagree with changes to evening bus services, a consultation has found.

A Cheshire East Council report states that 60 per cent of respondents do not believe evening services should be cut in the borough, as opposed to five per cent that agree with the reduction.

If approved the 37 and 42 bus services through Middlewich would stop at 6pm.

Cllr Mike Parsons, CEC ward member, has been vocal in his opposition to the cuts and their effect on Middlewich.

“The results here prove that the council has not been listening,” he said.

“Quite frankly if near enough half of the community who responded to this consultation believe there shouldn’t be any cuts to evening services then the people in charge need to listen.

“Middlewich is long overdue for recognition on a public transport route and if they do that then the number of people on those services will rise.

“The evidence is there and it is up to the council to do something about it.”

CEC is aiming to save more than £1.5 million from an existing budget of £3.5 million.

A total of 69 per cent of respondents were 60 years old or more, and 29 per cent of people identified themselves as having a disability.

The consultation found that there was more interest ‘about the frequency of services and loss of evening services’.

Work is underway to refine the review following the results of the consultation which could include adjustments to operating hours.

The proposals will be considered by cabinet in November 2017 and network changes would start to be implemented in April 2018.