PLANS for two new houses at the back of Wheelock Street have been refused by Cheshire East Council.

The land is currently occupied by five garages and is accessible through a passage in between 47 and 49 Wheelock Street.

In the design and access statement, the applicant said: “It will add additional houses to a popular area that is close to relevant amenities and will be of no negative impact on any neighbours.

“The proposal would enhance the character and quality of the historic environment and make a positive contribution to the heritage value of the site.”

However, the plans have been refused by Cheshire East Council as they are deemed to be contrary to the Cheshire East Borough Council Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document.

The notice of decision stated: “The design and appearance of the development does not respect the grain of the area or allow flexibility for further changes in use more appropriate to the site’s location within a principal shopping area and insufficient information has been received to effectively assess the impact of 2. the development upon nearby trees.

A member of the public submitted their views on the proposal to the council.

He said: “The proposal submitted does not consider the existing parking arrangements and vehicle movements and adding three more external spaces into what is more often than not a very congested area is not workable in my view.”