DRINKS and bites at 35 hosted its first low carb supper club event last week and the owners are already excited to do it again.

Gemma and Holly Crocker, wife and wife team, have been wanting to host an event like this for a long time but wanted to wait until the refurbishments to the café had been completed.

Gemma spoke to The Guardian about the event and their plans for the future.

She said: “It went really well, we had eight people there which was great because we didn’t want too many there for our first one and it was a really nice atmosphere.

“We’ve been here for five and a half years now and we absolutely love the café but we wanted to do something unique with the menu and offer customers a sit-down meal experience in a different setting.

“We will definitely be hosting these again and at the moment we have an autumn themed event on Thursday, October 4, and a Christmas themed supper on Thursday, December 6.”

Gemma’s chef experience proved very useful in designing the menu for the event.

Holly said: “With Gemma’s training as a chef I left her to handle the food and I focused on the hosting which I loved."

The pair have had their own successes with a low carb diet and they wanted to introduce it to other people in a relaxed and informal setting.

“The low carb diet is something we’re very passionate about, we both switched to a low carb, no sugar and high fat diet last year and we’ve lost six stone between us.

“It is something of a passion project for us and after the success of the first event we can open up to more people for the next time we do this.”

The supper club includes four homemade, low carb, sugar free, courses, on the table. Customers are also able to bring their own bottle of drink for the evening.

For more information on the Drinks and Bites at 35 supper club, visit the website drinksandbites.co.uk/supper-club/.