THE Canal and River Trust has released details of the next stage of the repairs for the Middlewich branch of the Shropshire Union Canal.

The canal breach happened in March and since then the charity has been raising funds for the repairs and carrying out works in the surrounding area.

A spokesperson, on the website, said: “Since the last update, the haul road to the breach area, access across the embankment and down to the bottom of the embankment has been completed.

“This has allowed us to complete essential reinstatement work resulting from the breach, including clearance of the River Wheelock and repairs to the wingwalls of the aqueduct.

“A stone dam has been installed to the east of the breach which has allowed us to remove the temporary fabric dam.

“With the design work for the repairs issued to our contractors we are now starting the works to repair the embankment itself.

“We remain focussed on re-opening the navigation by Christmas and we will provide further updates as the project progresses.”

To progress the repair work following the breach at Stanthorne Aqueduct on the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal, deliveries of stone by road will be required.

To improve safety and control the movement of vehicles along Coalpit Lane, a Traffic Management System will be put in place.

This will include traffic lights over Normans Bridge, where Coalpit Lane crosses the canal.