RAINBOW Day Nursery were fundraising at the Rose Fete for a pupil with a genetic illness which saw him lose one his legs at just 14 months old.

Oliver was born with a small red patch on his leg and was diagnosed with plexiform schwannoma, an extremely rare condition which can cause tumours in the nerves at any time.

Oliver has had several tumours, including one behind his knee which was removed on January 20, 2017, but unfortunately came back with two others on his lower leg.

On June 2, 2017, Oliver had to have an above knee amputation and he now has a prosthetic leg.

To help Oliver’s parents with fundraising for specialist equipment, Rainbow Day Nursery have pledged to do various activities throughout the year.

Rainbow Day Nursery set up stalls at the Middlewich Rose Fete to raise money to help Oliver's equipment.

On the day, the nursery raised more than £300 for Oliver's family.

All the staff at Rainbows were busy organising the event and providing cakes to be sold on the stall and had a game of ‘guess the number of sweets in a jar’, to raise money.