A MARKETING consultant who took out a five-year lease on a building in Wheelock Street, hired a team staff, and spent thousands on refurbishment, has now realised she may not have permission to be using the building.

Carrie-Ann Sudlow, founder of Carrie-Ann Sudlow Digital, had ran her digital marketing business from home for 10 years before taking out a five-year lease on the Wheelock Street property which was formerly Cups and Cakes café, and before that Chocolat night club.

Deciding to expand her business Carrie-Ann moved into the high street space in October last year and took on five members of staff. She also spent £8,000 on refurbishment.

However, despite saying that her lease states the building can be used for retail or office use, she has now realised she may not have permission to use the space for office use.

In her application to Cheshire East Council for a change of use to offices, Carrie Ann explained the gaffe, and pleaded with the council to allow her to continue operating out of the building.

She said: “I was told by the previous occupier and my landlord that I could use for offices. It also says in my lease 'retail or offices'. It was my Mum who alerted me to check the usage class on the building.

“I have been very naive and have done nothing but worry since I discovered that I might not be able to use the building of office use. I am unsure what I would do if the class cannot be changed.

“I have took on five staff and signed a five-year lease. I have improved the building greatly, all at a cost of £8,000 to me personally.

“Please may I ask with a very sincere heart that I be allowed to run the business from this building.”

A decision is yet to be made by Cheshire East Council.