A FORMER primary school teacher is calling on Middlewich residents to ditch the diet in 2018 and find an exercise regime that suits them.

Alex Cann left Bollinbrook Primary School, in Macclesfield, at Christmas to launch his new venture AC Running and Fitness.

He knows that the gym is not for everyone, but he believes he can help more people reach their goals in other environments that they find more comfortable.

Alex told the Guardian: "I've lived in Middlewich my whole life and I want to promote a healthy, active lifestyle in the town.

"I think it is well known that everyone in January wants to go out and join a gym to start the year well, but how long does that last?

"So I'm looking to help people find ways they can fit exercise into their life – by taking them out to the countryside to go running, or doing 30 minutes of exercise in the house."

The 28-year-old wants to help as many people as possible fit exercise into their hectic lifestyles.

Alex believes that regular exercise is the best way to improve their fitness and wellbeing.

"I am anti-diet, I feel that they don't work," he said.

"I think you have to change little bits at a time rather than go on a massive diet.

"Having been running for a decade I have that experience of better ways of improving your wellbeing."

With 2018 marking the beginning of his new fitness business, Alex insists his main drive is to help others reach their full potential.

"The main ambition is to help others to reach their goals," Alex added.

"That could be to complete a half-marathon or a marathon, or to be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping."

To find out more about AC Running and Fitness, visit acrunningandfitness.com