THE sister of a man who has been given just months to live has raised hundreds of pounds for charity by 'braving the shave'.

Nicky Bland, from Middlewich, has raised at least £800 for Macmillan Cancer Support after shaving off her hair on Saturday, January 6 – with more money set to be added to the total as the Guardian went to press.

She was inspired to go through with the shave by her brother Kevin Duffy, 63, who has terminal cancer.

"I don't have enough money to give a lot to charity so I thought I would just go for it with the head shave," Nicky told the Guardian.

"It was quite upsetting when I did it, but I had the family with me when I did it.

"Afterwards Kevin just said he was proud of me – that I've done a good thing for a really great charity."

More than 13,000 people have braved the shave for Macmillan over the past year, raising more than £4 million in total.

Nicky is delighted to have raised as much money as she has, and she is glad to have done her bit to help.

"I was not expecting to raise as much money as I have done," Nicky said.

"I'm just glad that I have done it. I was having second thoughts about it, but at the end of the day my hair will grow back, but there are people whose hair won't.

"If I can help to change somebody's life then it will have all worthwhile. I would do it again next week if my hair grows back quickly enough.

"I can't run, or do anything athletic, but this is my way of helping out and I would do it again."

Carole Duffy, Kevin's wife, added: "We are just extremely proud of Nicky for what she has done.

"Kevin's only been given until February or March, and that is what prompted her to do it.

"She has supported her brother and raised so much money for a good cause.

"We are a good, strong family that sticks together and we are all so proud of her."