I WOULD like to respond to Jack Floyd’s letter (June 20) concerning the proposed building of the Waitrose store in Northwich.

I don’t see why the people of Northwich should not be allowed a store of the quality of Waitrose as there are lots of residents who might welcome that particular store, and why should the people of Knutsford and Chester be allowed to have Waitrose and not the people of Northwich.

I am sure the people at Waitrose have conducted a feasibility study before launching the project and they must have decided that there was a market for it.

I would ask though do we need another supermarket in the town?

Last weekend was the Northwich River Festival, which is utilising two of the great features and attractions of the town, the Rivers Weaver and Dane, their history, and the river frontage which attracts many to the town.

So why the establishment of yet another supermarket on the river frontage, which could be used to greater effect and attractiveness if it were developed into smaller retail units with a local connection and a river walk.

The approval of the Waitrose construction by CWAC shows a lack of imagination and ambition that has not been evident in other towns around the country.