A RECENT correspondent made mention of the very successful Junior Triathlon at Moss Farm; successful partly because all the facilities were there for the youngsters to take part in complete safety.

This could not have taken place if and when the pool is closed in favour of one in town (Northwich).

Where would the running and cycling take place in safety?

Most councils would give the world for a site such as Moss Farm and develop it as a state of the art sports facility.

Many councils are developing very successful out of town sports villages but here in Northwich we are going to have a mish-mash with some facilities in town and some at Moss Farm.

I believe the National Playing Fields Association is promoting the need for people to be involved in activities in the open air but here we are being forced to use facilities in congested and therefore polluted areas of concrete in town.

Is the council not concerned with the health and wellbeing of its taxpayers?

Moss Farm has easy access and open air, so it makes one wonder if there is a hidden agenda for this site.

ROSIE DAFFURN Crofters Lea, Northwich