I DON’T think Northwich Town Council could ever be accused of rushing since they agreed to have a town plan in June 2010, a full two years ago.

Last September – a mere nine months ago – they were told by CWAC about the new neighbourhood plans which would be supported from a £50m fund from the Coalition Government.

Now we are told it will be expensive (where did the £50m go in the meantime?) and it will have to wait until the Regional Plan is finished.

This, I fear, could be a long wait as the Localism Act, on which the council must surely have been briefed, abolished Regional Plans earlier this year.

The fact that Winsford has been progressing with its Neighbourhood Plan for some months might have been a clue.

Thank goodness for the traders and the Northwich Town Team who have the gumption to get something done.

After all nobody’s asking for the Domesday Book, just getting local views on how the town should look, work and feel in the future!