IN response to LW Day’s letter May 9, (regarding the debate at the full Chester West and Cheshire Council meeting over Conservative council leader Mike Jones) to confirm the full wording of the amended motion, I proposed as follows: This council notes the decision taken by council on May 19, 2011, to appoint the leader for a four-year term of office. This council notes the statement released by the chief executive on April 24.

This council notes the many achievements made by CWAC since its establishment, in particular that, unlike many other councils, not a single library, children’s centre or leisure centre has been closed despite the difficult economic and financial climate; This council believes that members should be held accountable for their actions in the roles to which they have been elected; Therefore this council resolves that it has confidence in Clr Mike Jones as leader.

Labour’s original motion was clearly political in nature, especially once the results of the chief executive’s report, which was carried out with the district auditor and liquidator, was announced two days before the council meeting confirming all allegations were false.

Labour’s motion should have been withdrawn but sadly it was not. I therefore proposed this amendment to clear the matter up, as I believe CWAC should spend its time debating council matters not private matters.

Labour could have used the existing confidence motion facility to hold the council leader to account but chose not to. I did it for them – and the result was an overwhelming vote of confidence in the council leader.

CLR CHARLES FIFIELD Chairman, Weaver Vale Conservatives