THE sale of the public car park on the Tesco site in Middlewich has been agreed by Cheshire East Council and the price is being negotiated.

I strongly believe this money, possibly a six-figure sum, must stay in Middlewich.

Lobby your councillor to make sure it does.

The deal is essential to Tesco so that it can build the service yard to the new superstore alongside St Ann’s Walk.

Regrettably, Middlewich has been dumped on again and the views of the overriding majority of residents, over 95 per cent, from all over town, of all ages and from all walks of life have been ignored.

Instead of shops in proportion to the size of the town, 6,000 households, green spaces, a civic/community building, a cinema, a town centre with leisure and retail combined, what do we get? We get a huge Tesco superstore and car park.

Yet again your councillors have said to you ‘you’re not worth it’. How can they expect us to ‘have our say’ on the future of our town when no-one is listening?