I SEE that Congleton MP Fiona Bruce managed to secure an adjournment debate in the House of Commons this week.

This is a rare privilege for MPs with only a handful of these debates being timetabled every sitting day, it’s an opportunity that each MP gets around once a year.

So I wondered what important issue concerning her constituents would be the subject of this hour and a half debate, which is guaranteed a response from a Government Minister?

Would it be the rocketing long-term youth unemployment, which has more than doubled in Middlewich and surrounding areas since the election?

Would it be the massive £27,898,799 set aside by Central and Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Trust to pay for the Government’s top-down re-organisation of the NHS, when average local waiting times have increased by more than one week and the number of patients waiting longer than 18 weeks has more than trebled since the Tories came to power?

Would it be the Government’s unprecedented cuts in police funding that is forcing Cheshire Constabulary to lose more than 660 staff, one-third of them frontline police officers?

No, it was none of the above.

The Congleton MP’s number one issue is trade union representatives using Warrington Town Hall for meetings.

I’m sure this was a matter of personal frustration to her when she was a councillor in Warrington.

Had she been successful in her bid to be the MP for Warrington South, this debate might have been more appropriate, but as the MP for Congleton this can only go down as a missed opportunity.

I hope that when her turn comes around again in 12 months or so, she does a better job of standing up for her constituents.