Combining councils is not working

7:10am Wednesday 29th February 2012

NORTHWICH town has been in decline for many years.

Since the closure of Woolworths it has not been the same with ever increasing charity shops, which are anything but charitable by the look of the price tags on some of the items. And the council has only squandered money on projects that have not come to fruition or are a waste of time.

The so-called new one-way system, which has already caused a few accidents is one such project.

Buses have cut across two lanes to get to the right lane and cars have to cross over lanes where there is little or no room to do so.

This is just another nail in the coffin of what use to be a thriving busy town, with the blame, I believe lying on the doorstep of Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Bring back Vale Royal Council as this so called money saving by combining the local councils is not working for Northwich.

I believe that the one-way system should go. The whole purpose, as I understand it, is to improve traffic flow. Why then do we still have to have four sets of traffic lights around the gyratory to stop the traffic at regular intervals?

No wonder it’s not working. What are the traffic engineers thinking of? The London Road Junction lights are necessary but the others are not!

Reversing the one way past the former Regal cinema would remove the need for lights at the Bull Ring and a mini roundabout could replace the lights on the Seafarer junction. Come on, get a grip and sort it out!



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