IN Northwich, voters should think carefully about how Tory policy has affected local issues.

In real terms, they are committed to cutting the education budget by promoting the fallacy of “fairer funding”.

This directly affects your children and grandchildren.

Dedicated teachers and classroom assistants are losing their jobs with the inevitable consequence of overcrowded classrooms, where children will be denied individual help and fewer books and other resources leading to a reduced curriculum.

Some examples of funding cuts to local high schools include Leftwich, Hartford and St Nicholas who are all set to lose over £500,000 each.

Local primaries including Victoria Road, Winnington Park and St Wilfred’s will lose well over £100.000 each.

That’s the loss of a lot of teachers/assistants who could be helping your children.

Overall, proposed Tory cuts to mid-Cheshire’s schools amount to a staggering £3, 952.951. In some areas of the country, headteachers are having to consider reducing pupil attendance to 4.5 days.

The Tory representative for Weaver Vale has shown his total indifference to the effect on Northwich schools by voting with and supporting his party for every intended education cut.

Mike Amesbury, the Labour candidate has a proved track record of his dedication to education, having worked in the sector’s careers service for many years.

The Labour Party is committed to increasing the education budget and funding schools properly for the benefit of the many not the few.

Vote Labour on June 8 to give your children the best possible educational opportunity.

Barbara Keelty Northwich