WHY does Mr Micklewright continue to moan about people expressing alternative opinions on Brexit?

If the result had gone the other way, with a small majority representing only 37 per cent of the overall electorate based on a campaign of lies, misinformation and scaremongering (from both sides) does he believe the EU debate would stop?

No, Leavers would continue to argue their case, as is their democratic right preferably without being called derogatory and insultingly childish names.

He also suggests the process is simple and that we can just walk allowing world trade arrangements to apply - Brexit is far more than just trade.

UK legislation includes thousands of EU regulations and directives that must be disentangled and, where appropriate, reapplied into UK law while ensuring, where necessary, reciprocal agreement with other countries.

This covers existing legal and financial obligations, military and nuclear co-operation, employment, health, pensions, the border with Ireland, even the sovereignty of Gibraltar.

Whether a soft or hard Brexit, this is a highly complex process and the implications and consequences must be fully considered.

Finally both Mr Micklewright and Mrs Wilkinson suggest Mr and Mrs Walker are wrong about Winston Churchill and offer their version of the facts.

The nearest indication we have about this is the Churchill family asked the Leave campaign not to use his image as it did not reflect what they considered to be his views on greater political and economic integration with Europe.

However, he died over 50 years ago so how can we claim as fact what he would have thought about the EU today.

Peter McNabb Hartford