I READ the article in last week’s Guardian ‘Politicians wade in after PM triggers article 50’ and the comments by Cllr Sam Naylor.

Now I like Sam but wonder where he is going, especially with his Remoaner comments.

His statement that the future is ‘bleak’ for the younger generation may be true in some respects.

But remaining in the sclerotic house of cards that will probably soon fall anyway is not the reason.

His words were extremely derogatory and insulting to the older generation, suggesting that they are all daft old buffers who live in the past.

No councillor, they are people who can see what membership of this organisation is doing, just as a lot of people in Europe are starting to see.

He seems also to support the standing joke that is the current leadership of his own party.

Jeremy Corbyn and his dysfunctional shadow cabinet will be facing the local elections next month and I doubt many people would have a bet on them doing well.

His token criticism is that Corbyn “does not seem to be holding the government to account”.

A bit of an understatement there I think.

Fortunately the piece finished with some sensible words by Graham Evans MP.

I, like most of the voters in the north west voted to leave, but then again, I did vote in what was the biggest turn out for a vote just about ever!

Many of the out of touch Remoaners did not, so should be quiet and stop running down our country.

We live in a brilliant country that under Theresa May and out of the EU, can only get better.

Paul Hurley Winsford