THE comments by Councillor Sam Naylor that the ‘oldies’, of which I am one, have ruined the future of today’s British youth is again more from the ‘we know better brigade’ who will not accept that the issue of leaving the EU has commenced.

I should point out to him that we ‘oldies’ never voted to be part of the EU in 1975, but did vote to be a member of a 6/7 countries ‘Common Market’ with free trade between, the forming of the EU is the result of devious acts by politicians of all parties.

How can you vote out when we never voted in?

The EU as exists was simply created as an attempt to create a ‘United States of Europe’ with the strings being pulled by Germany and France and Mr Naylor well knows it.

If these Remoaners feel that the EU is for the better then we will have to see what the future holds for the country, the ‘Armageddon’ forecasted by them has not arrived yet I note.

Frank Fallows