ON February 10 my husband, myself and our dog travelled from Harford station to Ipswich to visit our daughter and her family.

I received brilliant service from the time I started to make enquiries on the best way to travel.

The clerk at Hartford station was most helpful he gave us an itinerary of the journey along with our tickets. I also asked about assistance and the clerk gave me a number on whom to call. The person on the other end was also most helpful and very pleasant.

When we arrived at Hartford station I made myself known to the clerk who then came to the platform when the train arrived. He helped us on to the train and took note of the coach that we were in and said he would phone through to Birmingham New Street.

When we arrived there was a lovely young man who came on to the train to help us with our luggage and get us on to the platform for Cambridge, he then showed us to our booked seats and put our luggage onto the train.

When we arrived at Cambridge we had the same wonderful service for our train on to Ipswich. The return journey was lovely too.

Every train was on time to the minute, staff from start to finish were very helpful and friendly.

Thank you British Rail for a wonderful journey. I hope that other travellers will give you credit and give more positive press.

M Prescott Sandiway