AS I celebrate my big 70 birthday later this year, it got me thinking of my former school mates of Winsford Secondary Modern, lovingly known as “Woodall’s College of Knowledge” who will also be celebrating this milestone birthday..

I must admit that moving from the small village school of Whitegate was a very big shock, but with the help of my new classmates I was able to settle in.

I also had my first crush on Barbra Beckett, but despite my Saturday morning visits to Woolworth’s, where she worked nothing became of it!

I am sure that they will remember our teachers who it those days commanded total respect, especially Mrs Crawley who put the fear of God up me as in those days I wasn’t one of the tallest in the class.

Moving down to Hampshire a couple of years ago I lost touch with the likes of Alan Such, John Buckley and James Walker.

Hopefully some of the old class will read this and remember our school days with affection, even if it didn’t seem so at the time.

Dave Jones Formally of Whitegate