A MIDDLEWICH pub is looking for new charity partners as part of its fundraising mission.

The Golden Lion in Chester Road supports good causes throughout the year.

Staff were inspired to make a difference after raising around £960 for the heart transplant New Start Charity in 2011.

Since January 2012, the team have raised £1,500 for people with cerebral palsy on behalf of Hebden Green in Winsford and £800 for Cancer Research.

Cash is raised through activities such as car washes and charity auctions.

“So far it’s proved to be a really good way to raise money,” said Kim Barrow, bar manager.

“If any other community charities want help with fundraising contact the Golden Lion.

“It gives us a great feeling when we count the money at the end of the day and realise what a difference we’ve made for a good cause.”

The initiative is also being supported by Lesley Birchall and Trevor Robinson from Middlewich’s Tesco store who offer auction prizes and help.

To contact the Golden Lion call 01606 737163 and to speak to Lesley call 07885287323.