SKODA has agreed to pay off a 21-year-old’s car loan and supply a replacement vehicle after she and her family were trapped in a burning car.

As reported in the Guardian, Middlewich couple Leanne Helm and Callum Cannon and eight-month-old daughter Jessica had a lucky escape when a suspected electrical fault set their Skoda Fabia on fire.

There was a huge panic at the time as the family from Booth Lane were initially unable to unlock the doors to get out.

Catherine Sleigh, of Skoda, said: “Our technical specialists have inspected the vehicle and Ms Helm has assisted us in our investigations by providing details of the vehicle’s service, repair and accident history.

“We are working with our factory to try and determine a possible cause.

“Our priority is ensuring Ms Helm is inconvenienced as little as possible during this investigation so as a goodwill gesture we have supplied a vehicle to keep her mobile while we investigate.

“Ms Helm has also accepted our offer to try and help her find a suitable replacement Skoda with the assistance of our retailer network.”