FIVE people were arrested and one woman was taken to hospital during the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival weekend.

Two were arrested at midnight on Saturday and another three were arrested at 1am on Sunday as fights broke out on Wheelock Street.

During the incident at 1am, a woman was caught up in the fight and allegedly hit by accident.

PSCO Lorraine Carless said: “She was conscious and bleeding, although she may have been unconscious for a short while before the ambulance arrived.”

All five were arrested for alcohol related disorder offences and PSCO Carless said the two arrested at midnight are currently being investigated.

She added: “It was the Folk and Boat Festival, it was really busy and these people had been out since the afternoon drinking.”

PSCO Carless said the two incidents were isolated with no other crimes reported.

She said: “There were patrols throughout the town during the weekend and as far as we’re concerned that’s a good result.”