A LABOUR councillor has slammed an ‘archaic’ motion to spend thousands of pounds on mayoral chains.

Middlewich Town Council’s finance, policy and governance committee was due to meet last Monday to vote on whether to spend more than £2,500 on repairs to chains for the deputy mayor and mayor’s consort.

The meeting was postponed due to illness of both town clerk Jonathan Williams and assistant Denise French.

Cllr David Williams said: “I just find it ridiculous that this motion will even be considered. I have reservations about using these chains anyway, but this is just an archaic idea.

“In a time of financial hardship for everyone it baffles me that the council might vote to spend this amount of money on a piece of metal.

“This isn’t for our mayor either, this is for the deputy and consort and it is money that could be used to better fund projects in Middlewich.

“You only have to look online to see how a number of residents feel about this. People want to see increases to services not motions such as this.

“Two years ago the council was stopped from budgeting £2,000 for medals for ex-mayors. There seems to an obsession with people draping themselves in bright metal.

“I seriously question whether this is something the town really needs in the present day.

“A chairman seems more responsible to me rather than a ceremonial mayor.”

Prices quoted in the motion state the deputy mayor chain would cost £792, the die £500, jewel £465 and collar £195.

The consort chain would cost £95, the pendant £495 and case £32.

Samantha Moss, Middlewich Town Mayor, said: “The discussion has not been had about the chains as the meeting was postponed.

“But the chains are in a serious need of repair after being neglected for a number of years so it is only right that we discuss whether to fix them. We would just be repairing what we have got.

“The links are falling off at the moment and when we meet with mayors of other towns we want to stand up with the rest of them and celebrate a historic aspect of our town.”

The next meeting of the committee will be on Monday, November 6.