A GRADE 2 listed building will be knocked down after plans to demolish it were approved.

On Monday Cheshire East Council voted for the demolition of Cledford Hall Barn, in Cledford Lane and the development of a gipsy and traveller transit site will now continue.

Eight conditions have been included in the approval including the clearance of all waste and safeguarding of protected species.

A CEC statement said: “This permission is granted in strict accordance with the approved plans.

“It should be noted that any variation from the approved plans following commencement of the development may be liable to enforcement action.”

Original plans in 2015 were to transform the 200-year-old building into a shower and wash facility to ‘bring the building back into use’ but as work progressed the council said that the structure is beyond repair.

Cllr Jonathan Parry, Middlewich Town Council, said: “This is a massive kick in the teeth for the town as it is another slice of our history being take away.

“It totally stinks to me that we are losing listed buildings such as this. It all seems to be done without a second thought.

“None of it is to the benefit of Middlewich and residents think the same way.

“I believe it is a case of what Cheshire East Council want they will get and they won’t take into account the thoughts of others.

“There is a mentality now from people that there’s not a lot they can do because the borough council won’t listen to them.

“It’s sad it has got to that point and I totally understand why people would feel that way but now more than ever we have to stand up and represent our town.

“There is a noticeable difference between Middlewich and other towns in the borough. Roads are well kept and services are better funded which is something we’re not getting.

“We’ve had a lot to complain about recently and this is just another situation to add on to the list.

“I am totally against it.”

The aim of the traveller site is to reduce the number of unauthorised encampments in east Cheshire.