MIDDLEWICH business owners have been left disappointed by the decision to close the Makers Market.

It was officially announced on May 5 that the final Middlewich Makers Market would take place on Saturday, May 27 due to sustained lack of stalls taking part in the event.

Market traders were criticised for the move and Wheelock Street businesses have been left disappointed by the decision.

Aiden Devaney of Devaney Butchers, said: “I was disappointed when I first heard because it brings a lot of people into the town. It’s good for us as a business and we would support a new market set up by the council if they choose to do so.

“Unfortunately Middlewich is much smaller compared to its neighbouring towns, and we are under pressure from the likes of them.”

Andrea Jones of Travel Lounge, said: “For us it’s not something we directly benefitted from but it’s such a shame that we’ve had to lose it. We had a stall ourselves a few years ago that did really well so I don’t really understand how it’s got to point where it has to stop.

“Middlewich is a commuting town, and a lot of people don’t come to Wheelock Street so we need events like the market to change that.”

John Finn of Maggies Finns, said: “I was shocked and disappointed when I found out.

“It seemed very popular to me and it was an event that made Middlewich stand out as a town.

“It is one of the things I was really looking forward to being a part of when I set up business here, but I would happily support another market.”