A PENSIONER has been left shocked by threats from the council over a parking row.

Dennis Antipas-Cheshire, 90, received a fine in 2016 for parking on double yellow lines whilst volunteering in Chester.

He had parked in a one way street but is a blue badge occupier which allows him up to three hours legal parking on the double yellow lines.

But the Middlewich resident later received a notice from Cheshire West and Chester Council saying he had obstructed the road and subsequently been fined.

He has now been fighting the notice for nearly a year as says the council has not listened to his evidence, which includes an eyewitness account..

He said: “I rang the council and said this is wrong and I’m hoping for justice soon.

“I worked as a chief executive for a large company until I was 75. They aren’t dealing with a little boy and I will fight this.”

The initial £75 fine has now raised to £150 due to fees and his case has since been passed onto Jacobs debt recovery service who has issued him with a Warrant of Control, allowing them to repossess his goods to recoup the money.

Dennis has issued a complaint to the ombudsman, and is prepared to stand up in court to prove his innocence.

He added: “How can the council do this when I have a valid blue badge.

“They use it as a threat, old people like me get frightened and surrender.

“It’s not even about the money anymore, I’m taking this on because of the principle.

“The council shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it.”

CWAC were made aware of the complaint but were unavailable for comment.