There are 1200 regional and local newspapers and 1400 associated websites in the UK.

Local press is the UK’s most popular print medium, read by 38 million people a week.

Local newspapers (60%) are the first media people turn to raise awareness of a local issue or problem.

Thirty four million unique users rely on their local newspaper websites every month.

More than 70 per cent of people act on the advertisements in local newspapers.

More than 6,100 local newspapers are sold or distributed in the UK every minute.

Local media employs over 30,000 people including 10,000 journalists.

Eighty-five per cent of local newspaper readers in Britain say it is important that their local paper keeps them informed about local council issues.

Newspaper (30%) and TV advertising (56%) have more impact upon consumers than magazines (17%), radio (15%), and outdoor (15%).

Local press is the most effective media channel for generating word of mouth conversations.