My dad passed away 5 years ago, I would love to go see a spiritualist to see if he has a message for me but im very nervous about that, I just want to know that my dad is safe and happy and that he is looking after my baby nephew who passed away in 2007. I want them both to know that I love them, Megan

Hi Megan, your dad will be safe happy and happy with you also. I feel you have been working very hard over the last few months as your dad has found it hard keeping up with you but he has kept smiling and he says thats what you need to do.

You seem on a mission at the moment and he says you can not do everything even though your trying to. My advise is go to a spiritualist church when a open circle is on,and see how you feel and if your dad comes through great.

You will see how the mediums work and make your mind up who you want to see to or which medium you would like to see. Just ask for contact details at the end of the night and book them for a reading.