My mum died a few years ago, the doctors couldn't so anything for her, I decided it was better not to try and save her, I have blamed myself ever since, does she understand why I made that decision? Kim Wood

Hi Kim, of course she does and since your mum has passed how many problems have you had with family.

You seem to be surround by people who you look after in some way or another I feel there is a older man around who maybe causing problems and children. So your mums is not going to have a downer on you in any way.

She cant say well I knew what was going to happen in the future, but it seems she is saying like one less to worry about as far as she is concerned. Your mum does not need your help now, she is not in front of you, not behind you, and she is stood with you.

I feel something you waiting for is closer than you think now just hold. Wow!! Your mum can talk, she is amazing lady and she is going on about cleaning to me as well.