Hi James, I want to know whether my Nan is at peace and whether she thinks we did the right thing before she passed over? Samantha

Hi Samantha, your Nan is just laughing and saying they have done it again. She is also going on about the meter not sure which one, but she just said the meter to me.

I feel your thinking about religion at the moment not joining one but talking about it.I also feel you have smelt your Nan around you .

I would not worry about her Samantha she just cant stop laughing, so what every was done before and after her death has nothing to do with how she feel now.

The next couple of months for you, you will find that you will draw a line under arguments and able to make some progress.

You do seem to have been in heated discussion for a while well your Nan is saying by the summer and after you can have a holiday from it all.